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It's a Good Life
It's a good life, very good life and I can do what I want to do and go where I want to go. Ya, it's a good life. It's a very good life! Thailand, India, Fiji, Australia, Cape Town, Kathmandu, anywhere I wanna do. Guatemala, Indo, London, Mexico, Swaziland , Tahiti, anywhere You know, it's a very good life.

Aitutaki, Singapore, Darwin, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Cabo anywhere I wanna go. New Zealand, Zimbabwe, you just gotta find your way to Bali and Honduras, you just gotta...

I'm lost. I'm wondering, am I just lost, or is this really all there is? The more we live, the more need to forgive. And the less we fake, the more we make. The more we try, the less we wonder why. The more we need, the more we bleed. The more we laugh, the more we'll have. And the less we need, the more we succeed. You say my love can be easily tossed. Oh my god! I'm lost
..or...YOU're lost!!

$700 Sailboat
Sailed it down through Mexico. Thought about Fiji and Indo, but anywhere that wind did blow we did go. We took a little ride, a deep look inside at both high and low tides on our boat. My $700 sailboat. It didn't take a lot of bling, to sail around and sing, live like a king on my boat. On my $700 sailboat.

When You're Ready
Traveled the world seeking something, something I never did find. I've been searching and waiting for so long I know it's just a matter of timewhen you come, when you do come notice me. Cuz I don't yet know what your name is, and I don't know in which country you live, but I hope you find me sometime soon cuz I gotta a whole lotta loving to give. Cuz I'm yours when you're ready.

Traveled the world seeking someone, someone I never did really meet, but I know she's out there somewhere and I know it's gonna be damn sweet when you do come notice me. Cuz I'm yours when you're ready. So yours when you're ready!

Do You Do
I can't tell you I'm right, but I've been fighting a fight. The world keeps trying to tie me down, that's why I stumble around singing"Do you do your freedom, or tie yourself up in chains, cuz if you lose your freedom it's all your fault don't complain." Some people need a hug house, some people need a nice car. I just need a warm beach, a beer and a six-string guitar. Don't worry you can just change like this. If you lose your freedom, you likely will go insane. Don't worry you can just change.

Glassy Eyes
I ain't got so much time for some people I guess I just feel like I got so many things I wanna do. And I won't much time doing things I really hate and I wanna waste one moment with you. I could run away from this eventual heartbreak, but I just feel so much more alive wearing my glassy eyesI guess. Now is it a waste of a life to fall in love a hundred times knowing it'll always just end in heartbreak, and is there anybody out there who's found anything better than fresh love to make us all feel really effin' great? I won't run away from this eventual heartbreak cuz I guess I just feel so much more alive wearing my glassy eyes.

Never Gonna Grow Up
I see a man working all day, endlessly fussing over some meager pay. Now working is crucial, I know, but equally is play. If growing up ain't fun then I say: Never gonna grow up. No. I see them people with so many children, endlessly fussing and fighting. Ain't got no money for I to play, if this is growing up then I say: Never gonna grow up. No. Workaholic people are selling a lie. A boring life is a crime. Never gonna grow up.

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